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Domestic Taxi Service Provider, unpaid

Revised Taxi Drivers’ Code

Part II : Domestic Taxi Service Provider, unpaid – to be known as “The New Code”.

  Test assumes minivan is preferred transport.

  (Licenses to be Class A – Minivan-certified, and B – Other)

2.00.1      All domestic taxi driver applicants must undergo 9 months of training before the Domestic part of the test.

2.00.2      Approved manual labour or psychological conditioning may be substituted at the examiner’s discretion. (Certification of Idiocy or similar by a licensed professional is also an automatic qualify.)

2.00.3      Discharge of passengers at government facilities – Mandatory compliance. Test in all weather conditions, and sleep-deprived.

2.00.4      Closely inspect driver-trainee for performance in long queues of traffic awaiting discharge at one or more of the following:

Sports events; after-school activities; the close confines of unfamiliar non-public driveway configurations.

2.00.5      Test for road rage, with and without random quantities and mixes of:

Minor passengers from within and outside of the habitual family group; dogs; babies with plumbing “issues”.

2.00.6      The Speed test. Check for exit speed after the school bus has gone, without and then with backpack-loading.

2.10.0      During Phase II Driving Exam.

(Drivers must exhibit effects, including wear-and-tear, of at least 16 years of driving under previous conditions)

2.10.1      Test level of service and quality of language when driver is performing the 4am unexpected pick-up manoeuvre. This portion to be supervised by a senior examiner capable of administering caffeine (The hearing-impaired are encouraged to apply)  Place close attention to footwear for this portion of the test – fuzzy slippers are an automatic disqualify. Examiners should be aware that applicants may be looking for the automatic disqualification in Phase II.

NOTE: Administration of this test is for data-collection purposes only and passing does not imply fitness for anything.  And NO, we are not there yet!