Introducing ….. Aggie!!

It is my great pleasure and honour to introduce a very close friend of mine and of Doris’ – Aggie.

She is knowledgeable on many (many)  subjects and I’m sure she will add to the rich tapestry of what is known as “Doris and Ethel” (but is really a blog). So get yourselves a nice cup of coffee and maybe one of those nice biscuits and prepare to be amazed.

Take it away Aggie!

4 thoughts on “Introducing ….. Aggie!!”

  1. Why thank you Ethel!
    I’d just like to say Happy Holidays to everyone.

    Let’s get to business now:
    Have you ever wondered why Reindeer are called Reindeer? At first, i thought it was like the song “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” When santa claus is ‘pullin on the reigns’ Get it? reign, rein.
    “Caribou, the name by which the Americans are more familiar with the reindeers, comes from an Indian word. It is said that the origin of reindeers is probably from the stories of the Norse God Woden who rode through the sky with reindeer and forty-two ghostly huntsmen. Clement Moore’s famous poem A Visit from St. Nicholas (T’was the Night Before Christmas) sealed the image of Santa Claus, his reindeer and the magical flying sleigh loaded with sacks of presents.”-

    so theres a little christmas spirit about reindeer for you!


  2. Why hello Aggie,
    Very sorry for the delay in writing a reply,
    just wondering, are you impersonating “Bubbles DeVere off of Little Britain?” Hello Daahlingk,

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